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The Feldenkrais Guild UK

Look here for a list of teachers nationwide, and for classes and, workshops likewise.

For FREE DOWNLOADS look at the 'audio' page. Sells some Resources - books, audio and dvd's for home study, articles. Also give training information and how to further your interest in the Method.

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Feldenkrais Access is Trainer and Senior Practitioner David Zemach-Bersin's very extensive website, providing very informative articles and a number of YouTube videos plus of his teaching a few ATM lessons.


Feldenkrais Resources
Based in the USA, primary site for purchasing books audio and dvd's. Elizabeth Beringers trainings details also here. She was my Educational Director.



The Feldenkrais Store

the other major source of resources - books, audio and dvd's. Also US based.



The openATM Project
This website is dedicated to providing free ATM lessons. Recommended for those who have some prior experience of ATM with a teacher, can provide invaluable practise at home.


Somatic Options
Ralph Strauch’s website, with his blog 'Composing Experience' - I spent some years studying with Ralph, emotional trauma work being a particular area of his expertise. Ralph practises in Los Angeles, USA. He ran a training and public workshop in the UK in May 2008. We hope he will come again - contact me if you are interested.


Explain Pain
This is from the NOI group, and offers up-to-the-minute thinking about pain...


Path of Love not for the faint-hearted but definitely for those looking for deep and lasting transformation in their life. With Rafia Morgan and Turiya Hanover.



Working with People for training in holistic counseling and authentic leadership. With Rafia Morgan and Turiya Hanover.



Gurdjieff Movements
Another wonderful and fascinating movement discipline, the Sacred Movements of George Gurdieff. This is Vasanti's website, my friend and teacher in Corfu, and in Italy.



Tai Chi Nation

Devon-based Tai Chi and Chi Kung



Osho aka Baghwan Shree Rajneesh, created 'Osho Active Meditations' out of an understanding that the mind of people in western civilizations needs preparation for silent sitting. Now a beautiful Meditation Resort, you can also visit and try out being a 'Zorba the Buddha' for yourself. It was here that I discovered the Feldenkrais Method, and felt that both Dr Feldenkrais and Osho were offering us the same thing somehow - the gift of being present to ourselves and our life experience as a way to living life more fully.



Meditaion is Easy
A brilliant and non-biased ultra-informative site about meditation, with particularly wonderful information on the meditations of the Book of Secrets, the Vighyan Bhairav Tantra - which I used to teach and can highly recommend as a way of developing connection through the body to presence.


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