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picture of Moshe's handwriting saying 'Movement is Life, without movement life is unthinkable'


David Zemach-Bersin - Devon 2019 Advanced Training for Feldenkrais Practitioners - details at


and Public Workshop: Information & Registration details click here>

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The Feldenkrais Method® videos with Nikhila

one to one 'Functional Integration':





groupwork 'Awareness Through Movement':>




if you belong to a club/organisation and you feel other people could benefit from knowing about Feldenkrais, or about Somatics, I give mini-workshops/talks for a reasonable fee - please get in touch! contact>



'Feldenkrais for Everyone'

Where a monkey and a lion become aware of their spines:





National Feldenkrais Awareness Week 6-13 May 2018

Free Downloads of Short Introductory ATM lessons:

about Awareness Through Movement>



and 'the master's voice' - Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais - explains why
we do 1-1 Functional Integration, and what's different with and why we
do the groupwork, Awareness Through Movement... thanks to Buffy Owens,
Feldenkrais Practitioner USA, for her artistic skills here:>

more about Functional Integration>


If you are doing these recorded lessons without prior experience: One important tip: 'Do not do anything that hurts' - is basic guidance for every Feldenkrais lesson. If pain persists seek medical advice. These lessons are not a substitute for medical advice given by your doctor.



"I am finding the work deeply interesting on all levels - physical, emotional and mental. And, very relaxing". Sarah C


“I came to Nikhila to see if she could help me with some long-standing chronic pain problems resulting from injury. Over the course of about ten years I had tried many types of physical therapy, and nothing seemed to help. I had gone past the point of despair many times when I finally discovered Feldenkrais, and suddenly it seemed like there was
a way forward. I started with some one-to-one sessions with Nikhila, and straight away I found that my body had the potential to feel very different, to feel like it belonged to me again. I won't say it has been easy, but I have made steady progress through one-to-one sessions
and group classes, and have reached a place that I couldn't have thought possible 2 or 3 years ago. Feldenkrais has added a new dimension to my life and my way of thinking. I am really grateful to Nikhila for her sensitivity, and for her skill in working on complex
problems and treating the whole person, not just the injury.”
Becky L.


"It's amazing how one's body can change lying on a floor making small gentle movements. My body is more relaxed with better posture and has become more interesting; my mind is no longer inclined towards extra effort. At both mental and physical levels, Feldenkrais is really helpful in unravelling the effects of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome". Stefan


"Big thanks for our session, I immediately felt reconnected and energised - I am more back to myself, after as you know, weeks of dental treatment" Lynne


"I can feel my WHOLE back now, and how it moves! its' such a joy!" Miriam


Privacy Policy

All personal information supplied on enquiring or booking with Lifeworks Somatics is held securely and is never shared with any third party without explicit consent. All personal records are held in a secure format.





Nikhila with a visitor



Weekly ATM classes

Next block starts:

21 May 2019 - mid July

Tuesday mornings 9.30-10.45


Tuesday evenings 5.30-6.45


Dartington Village Hall

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Next Workshops:

7 & 8 June

'Neck & Shoulder Comfort'


The Forge Yoga Centre


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Individual FI sessions

available most weekdays - including some evenings


Take an FI Intensive

3 sessions in a week- or

a block of six. Special prices apply -

book an appointment>

about individual sessions>


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Customer testimonials
more testimonials >


"This was my first experience of Feldenkrais.  I really enjoyed the workshop. It felt warm inclusive and relaxing.  As the workshop developed, working consciously to scan areas of stress,  I began to realise how much tension I have been holding in my body and the degree of pain I have been ignoring . It was quite a revelation. After the workshop I felt lighter and brighter  and inspired to do more." Ruth


Thank you so much for making me more aware of my body and how I process feelings in my body. I took home a sense of what my body should be doing and can do and so I can work towards that. Thank you! Anoushka


"Whatever we did in class last week fixed my arm which had been aching and tingling for a while. It's stopped - and it hasn't come back!" George Cole, masseur/acupuncturist


"I look back over almost 10 years (eek!) since we met in your lovely garden studio and it's hard to believe how far things have progressed in spite of years of growing older! A lot of water has flowed under our respective bridges. I enjoy taking ATM lessons as a practice of staying present to the voice and what I can feel - all quite new. And now my husband is benefitting so much as well. Thank you!" JP

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