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'Awareness Through Movement'

Classes & Workshops Schedule

Classes are structured in 6/8 week blocks - please sign up for the block - these are not intended as drop in classes although drop in is available by arrangement and are priced accordingly. You are always welcome, if you ask, to try a class at any time.


Autumn 2019: Ending 10 & 12 December

Winter 2020: Starting 7 & 9 January

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Tuesday mornings 9.30-10.45 am

Dartington Village Hall, Cott Road, Dartington, Totnes TQ9 6JD

8 week block starts 22 Oct every week til 10 December

Newcomers can try any one class £10 with no strings attached.

Cost: £65/8 week block

Drop in only by arrangement £15 or £12 prepaid

book & pay/contact> click here to check there is space, then pay in advance to get the best rate.


Tuesday evenings 5.30-6.45 pm

Jellyfish Arts Hub, 34 Bossell Rd, Buckfastleigh TQ11 0DD

(adjacent Town Hall)

8 Week block starts 22 Oct every week til 10 December

this class is limited to 6 participants THIS CLASS IS NOW FULL!

Newcomers can try any one class £10 with no strings attached.

Cost: £65/8 week block

Drop in only by arrangement £15 or £12 prepaid

book & pay/contact> click here to check there is space, then pay in advance to get the best rate.


Thursday evenings 5.45 - 7.00 pm

1 Blacklers, Dartington Hall, TQ9 6EQ

Block 8 weeks 24 Oct to 12 Dec

Try-a-class Anytime £10 THIS CLASS IS NOW FULL!

8 week block : £65/8 or

Drop in only by arrangement £15 or £12 prepaid

book & pay/contact> click here to check there is space, then pay in advance to get the best rate.


Can I book? What do we do there? What is it?

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What you need to bring/wear: loose, warm, layered clothing, including socks and possibly mittens (definitely in winter). Bring a mat and a blanket/large towel. The mat is to lie on and the blanket is for use in various ways as support. Please bring both. Plus your drinking water.


Any missed classes can be made up at other classes - providing there is space/they are running.


Our Venues

Because ATM work is gentle and quiet, we use venues which are warm. This means that they may not necessarily be the most aesthetic, because warmth is much more important. Dartington Village Hall is reliably warm, and offers free parking and easy access.



If the classes on offer don't suit your schedule - Check out our 'Workshops'>

or - register your interest & join our mailing list> - or ask me about running a course or a workshop in your area. I welcome opportunities to teach groups of 6 people or more.



Workshops for Winter 2020 ... coming soon.

See these examples from our 2019 workshops. Each one comes around about every 6 -12 months - join our mailing list



Friday & Saturday August 16 & 17th 2019 2-5pm

'Inner & Outer Balance'

How can exploring how we balance our bodies in the physical world help us to learn how to restore inner balance when we are stressed?  Mostly, physical balance is one of those things that many of us just take for granted.  If the body is injured our natural capacity to balance is compromised and we then effort more to balance well.  If there is a non-physical injury, we can lose emotional balance.  Balance is, after all, at best, state of dynamic equilibrium.  (A tree might be balanced, but it is fixed and doesn’t move very well...) We two-legged mammals in fact are constantly balancing and re-balancing ourselves.  Our structure is such so that if we didn’t, we would simply fall - forward, landing flat on our face!   Quoting Dr Feldenkrais, “When you know how you do what you do, you can do what you want”.  As our modern world tends to be a very stressful environment for many of us, and much illness and disease has been proven to have stress at their root, though we have ways to de-stress—for example, some of us enjoy sports, some enjoy to focus more on the world of meditation and finding inner balance, both are ways to reduce tension and find relaxation— when we feel able to balance physically, and when we feel able to balance the different aspects of our lives, we relax!    
We will explore the function of balance through the body, and we will get a taste of how doing this can provide useful and effective ways to counter the stresses and strains that life brings.  Using Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement©lessons—including the use of the ‘Magic Roller’, and reconnecting to our instinctual reflex to falling, playing on or close to the floor, we can discover what happens when we lose balance and how we respond, and, therefore, how we can regain it when it has been lost.  We can re-wire our responses when we allow ourselves the time and space to explore very slowly and very gently. 

We will do alot of this laying on our backs, while being guided verbally through simple movement sequences.  We will be practising paying attention to ourselves as we move.  We will return to a kind of learning we all knew when we were small.  A safe and calm environment to explore falling can change our habitual responses, and we discover new ways of being in relationship to balance....  Exploring how we balance ourselves within the field of gravity on our earth can provide us insights and somatic tools that we can use in daily life.  If you could use some help with managing stress or finding better balance in your life, even if you are new to Feldenkrais before, do come and join us for these two half-days. 

You should be able to work comfortably laying on the floor, and be able to get up and down unaided.  If you have persistent chronic pain please consider a 1-1 session prior.  You will need to bring a mat and blanket, and wear warm loose clothing.


Cost  £70, or £60 early bird if booked & paid by 2 August
Can be booked separately—£35, or £30 if booked & paid by earlybird

Pay on the day bookings are £80 / £40


at The Forge Yoga Centre, Collins Road, Totnes TQ9 5PJ


Thursday 5th September 2019 7 pm

'The Feldenkrais Method' - Discover the Language of your Brain'

with International Trainer David Zemach-Bersin

A unique opportunity to meet one of the finest international Feldenkrais trainers in the world. David Zemach-Bersin has generously agreed to offer this evening workshop and talk which is open to everyone, during a visit to the UK.

David was one of Dr. Feldenkrais' earliest students. He was fortunate to study with Dr. Feldenkrais in person for over a decade, and has been involved with the development of the Feldenkrais Method since 1973. David is an enthusiastic and dedicated teacher, and directs the New York City Feldenkrais Method Professional Training Program. Though many have experienced David's eloquence and expertise through his YouTube videos, this is a special opportunity to experience his teaching first hand.


"A difference is a difference that makes a difference."Gregory Bateson


"In this workshop you will learn how to communicate with your brain in the most effective and beneficial way possible. 

The first known nervous systems developed over 600 million years ago in the early ancestors of jelly fish. However, the function and value of that original nervous tissue was exactly the same as that of our nervous system today: to enhance our ability to learn, adapt and survive. 

Our nervous system is complex, flexible and distinguishes us as human beings. It is soft-wired, and designed to change and develop throughout our lifetime via a continual process by which we use our senses - primarily our kinesthetic sense - to detect small but important differences. These differences are the mechanism by which we make the distinctions that matter. 

The renowned physicist and expert on human learning, Moshe Feldenkrais, developed radical insights about how the natural learning process of the nervous system can be accessed to benefit human function and emotional intelligence. He developed a highly practical method that uses movement to communicate with our brain to help us gain greater health, well-being and self-determination. 

In this workshop, you will learn key elements of the alphabet, or vocabulary, with which you can communicate with your own brain and nervous system. Participants will experience the kind of immediate changes and improvements that are possible when the brain is supported with the optimal conditions in which to sense and make essential distinctions. This workshop is for everyone who is curious about themselves and the plasticity of their nervous system, and for everyone who would like to feel better."


No previous experience of Feldenkrais required, but attendees should be able to work comfortably laying on the floor and get up and down easily.

If this is not the case for you but you still want to come please contact Nikhila>


You will need to bring a mat and blanket, and wear warm loose clothing.


At SPACE Studios, Dartington Hall, Totnes TQ9 6EQ

Booking is Essential.

Cost: £50 or £35 if booked and paid by 8 August

Booking, More Info & Payment details click here>



Friday 20 & Saturday 21 September 2-5pm

'The Jaw & Pelvis Connection'

When we get tense, tired, stressed or emotionally upset headaches and teeth-grinding are a common result.  Or lower back and pelvic pain (one of the most common causes of absence in the workplace).  True?  But why?  Is it only that we are so often trying to ’keep a good face’ when tricky things are happening in our lives?  Or that stress levels in modern lives are sky-high and burdening our systems too heavily?  In this workshop we’ll have an experiential look at our skeletal structure with a focus on exploring the relationship between our jaw and the tensions, aches and pains in the rest of our body.  A tense jaw increases the tonus of the musculature throughout the entire organism—and especially affects the pelvis.  
The Pelvis tends to mirror the skull and jaw just because of its location at the opposite end of the spine, and alimentary canal.  It can be very interesting to experience the Jaw-Pelvis relationship from an internal point of view which is what we will do, through selected  Awareness Through Movement© lessons.   Dis-eases and ailments can loosely be boiled down to some form of contraction and when we learn to let go of the unnecessary and particularly the unconscious tensions and contractions we hold in our body then we can create the situation whereby our ailments can cease to be, maybe not instantly but gently, slowly over time.  The Pelvis and the Jaw have an interdependent or perhaps even co-dependent relationship. Our movements are organised and happen from the head downward, a biological design to help ensure our survival in the world.  Yet there is a counter-organization coming from the feet, upward, and the pelvis acts as a power generator, transforming ground forces and generating both power for movement upward and, support through the spine for the entire upper body.  The head needs to be free—it houses our teleceptors, (eyes, ears, nose, mouth)— and can be thought of ideally as something of a periscope, strengthening our chances of surviving life’s challenges and joys by orienting us easily to food or to danger.  Our jaw and pelvis are inexorably linked.  We will be exploring the neurological, physical, and emotional connections and relationships between these structures, which can be of particular benefit to those with jaw, pelvic , hip or sacroiliac pain, as well as to those with  TMJ, neck/ shoulder issues, teeth grinding, or headaches.


You should be able to work comfortably laying on the floor, and be able to get up and down unaided.  If you have persistent chronic pain please consider a 1-1 session prior. 


You will need to bring a mat and blanket, and wear warm loose clothing.

Cost  £70, or £60 early bird if booked & paid by 5 Sept
Can be booked separately—£35, or £30 if booked & paid by earlybird

Pay on the day bookings are £80 / £40


at Dartington Village Hall, Cott Road Dartington Totnes TQ9 6JD


Friday 22 - Sunday 24 November 2019

'Living Embodiment: A Healthy Back & Pelvis'

Offered in a format that immerses you more deeply into the many benefits of The Method, where lesson time is interspersed with longer breaks, both overnight or during the day, this weekend gives you the time to relax or go for long walks or other activities that you enjoy, alongside 10 hours of Awareness Through Movement lessons focused on exploring and learning about your habits and patterns in movement that may contribute to, or interfere with, the healthy functioning of your back and pelvis.

An opportunity to give yourself a deeper immersion into the work, and creates a loosely structured personal retreat, as the town venue offers a variety of things to do and environments to support you at this, the dark time of year.

When we talk about the back or the pelvis, we must really start to think about the spine - and, if we're thinking about the spine, we cannot exclude the pelvis, nor the head and neck - or, the ribs and chest for that matter.

So, in this workshop we will embark on a series of lessons that will explore the movements of the spine in each situation - bending, extending, sidebending, rotation and twisting. We will experience our backs in a way not so usually available to us, and thus gain a clearer sensory image of a part of ourselves that is difficult to see. We will learn how to re-distribute the effort of bending so that individual vertebrae are not under strain, and we will explore these movements in a variety of situations, including sitting and walking.,The difference between coming to a Feldenkrais weekend and pretty much any other movement weekend is that this is the way of 'Less is More' - the focus and committment are to the reduction of effort, and to attending to our sensory experience. Everything we do, we will try to do it gently, and more gently, and more gently. We will practice using our self-awareness and we can learn how paying attention to ourselves can be a powerful tool on it's own. In this practise, it may be that you end up feeling like you're doing pretty much nothing at all yet moving smoothly and with ease. Come and taste this magical and often transformational experience.


For this event to be suitable for you, you should be able to work comfortably laying on the floor, and be able to get up and down unaided.  If you have persistent chronic pain please consider a 1-1 session prior. 


You will need to bring a mat and blanket, and wear warm loose clothing.


Friday 2.00-4.30pm

Saturday 11-1 & 4.30-7.30

Sunday 2-4.30


Cost  £125 , or £110 early bird if booked & paid by 8 Nov

It is also possible, by arrangement, to attend 5 hours only: £70 / £55 if paid by the earlybird.

Pay on the day bookings add £10


at Dartington Village Hall, Cott Road, Dartington, Totnes TQ9 6JD




if you are not on the mailing list please get in touch if you would like to be updated as new events are added to this schedule.


If you have persistent pain or injury, at least one one-to-one 'Functional Integration' lessons is required prior to attending workshops or classes. 'FI' will enhance the benefits of the groupwork and will allow us to support you better. This will accelerate your learning, healing and improvement during a Course, or between Workshops.

more info about Functional Integration>


contact me for Booking>



Bookings Terms


for How to Pay for your Booking please go to Contact> page where you will find the necessary information.Payment for Classes is now due at time of booking. For Workshops also, due at time of booking, and for 1-1 FI's is due either on the day or beforehand.For 1-1 FI's late payments incur a £2 admin fee.


Discounts and Concessions

Discount generally is available via utilising the earlybird booking offered. Additionally on Workshops, one or two concessionary places are usually available, please ask about a place - as long as you can prove low-income or student status.



Call or email to book, payment is due when booking to confirm your place - if this is awkward for you, by arrangement you can pay on the day at the prepay price but in the instance of you not showing up you will be deemed to be owing. Generally payments made on the day cost more. To join a course payment is by the half-term block.

Missed classes are the student's responsibility, and can not be made up after the course. However if two or more courses are running consecutively students may switch/come to either class as they wish to make up any missed ones.



Please call to book, advance payment is required to secure your place. Places are given in the order in which payments are received.

Cancellations & Transfers Policy - If you cancel up to 7 days before start date of a workshop you will be refunded less a £2 admin fee. Alternatively the booking may be transferred to another workshop by agreement and subject to places being available.

Cancellations made less than 7 days before start date of a workshop will be refunded 50% of fee paid IF more than 24 hours prior to start of workshop, less £2 admin fee.

Last-minute cancellations at 24 hours or less prior to the workshop are not refundable. 



Participants will be required to sign a disclaimer. Feldenkrais is intended as an instruction in the optimal use of the self, and is not a treatment for medical emergencies, nor is it intended as a substitute for normal medical procedure suggested by a medical physician. Therefore nothing in a class, workshop or one-to-one FI session is a medical diagnosis, or a substitute for a medical diagnosis.

Whilst all reasonable care is taken, all activities are undertaken entirely at the participant's risk and no responsibility can be taken by the practitioner or organiser (where different) for any loss or injury of any type, physical or otherwise, suffered by any participant. By taking part each participant accepts responsibility for his or her own belongings, safety and well-being. If in doubt please seek medical advice before participating.


Money Back Guarantee!

If you attend a whole workshop and are not satisfied, the amount paid for your place on the workshop will be refunded in full.


Privacy Policy

All personal information supplied on enquiring or booking with Lifeworks Somatics is held securely and is never shared with any third party without explicit consent. All personal records are held in a secure format.





Class visitors




"You have a lovely and hypnotic voice. It's a pleasure to listen to" Wendy


"ATM Gave me a feeling of deep physical and mental relaxation which stayed with one for days. It was as if my body had been taken apart and put back together, but in the right order. It was a great day." William


Thank you for introducing me to a body work method that makes so much sense!" M.Kaan


"I find the work totally amazing- I feel like my whole central nervous system is being re-wired. Am left a bit shaky and emotional, and feeling totally out of my depth- in that it is an approach that is wholly unfamiliar- but I sense that it is invaluable and the timing, for me, on all levels, is perfect." Gretchen Faust, yoga teacher

"It's amazing how one's body can change lying on a floor making small gentle movements. My body is more relaxed with better posture and has become more interesting; my mind is no longer inclined towards extra effort. At both mental and physical levels Feldenkrais is so very helpful” Stefan Karpik


"Many thanks for a great day yesterday, it really reminded us what we have been missing!" P&P Hughes, aikido teacher


I’d like to thank you for a wonderful day – I found the work really heartening and would really like to do more!! Gill Bates


"Another wonderful workshop! I am so happy for all the new found movement in my body! I look forward to more!" Alicia G.

"when we were on holiday recently my husband injured his back. Thanks to all the sessions and classes I've had with you over the years, I was able to help him, and he was better within three days! a big thank you! it meant we could enjoy the rest of our holiday" Amanda C.


"Excellent - just what the doctor ordered - as I was suffering bad postures specially with the computer!"

"Now after your class I can feel my whole back!! and how it's moving! It feels so good! I have never felt it like that before!"



"I found the experience very relaxing, and I feel it's brought a new and more subtle awareness of my body which is very interesting. I appreciated your gentle manner too." 


"Thank you for your kind and powerful teaching" Sally W.

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