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'Awareness Through Movement'

Classes & Workshops Schedule 2018

Classes are structured as Short Courses of usually 6/7 week blocks

Doing 'ATM' classes is like learning any new skill - A course provide the most effective somatic learning experience, and you pay less per class when you join a course (see below). Groups are generally small 6-12 people only, and need to be pre-booked.

If you are completely new to Feldenkrais, please feel free to tryout the first class of any series. If you want to continue you then join the course. This is to support you in your process as Feldenkrais approaches movement in a very particular unique way which needs to become familiar. Course attendees are responsible for any missed classes. This supports the group environment, we recognise the busyness of modern life by keeping this committment to a minimum -courses are generally a half-term length only.

What you need to bring/wear: loose, warm, layered clothing, including socks and possibly mittens (definitely in winter). Bring a mat and a blanket/large towel. The mat is to lie on and the blanket is for use in various ways as support. Please bring both. Plus your drinking water.


New Course in Dartington Starts AUGUST 2018

Next Chance to Trial a Class: 21st August 2018 and 9th and 10th October

Advance Booking>

To join if you have no prior experience, please attend the first class. If you want to continue, you will then be asked to sign up for the course. If you miss the first class, take a 1-1 FI session first to catch up, or wait til the next course.. If you have a particular movement issue/injury, or are in any sort of persistent pain you should also take a 1-1 FI first.


If the classes on offer don't suit your schedule - Scroll Down to 'Workshops'>

or - register your interest & join our mailing list> - or ask me about running a course or a workshop in your area. I will do this for groups of a minimum of 6 people.


What do we do in a class or workshop?

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Dartington from 21 August

Tuesday evenings 5.30-6.45 pm

Newcomers can try first class of series £10 with no strings attached

6 weeks £60 - or £50 if paid in advance

Drop In £10 pre-booked and paid in advance (Drop In is reserved for existing students).


Dartington Village Hall, Cott Road, Dartington, Totnes TQ9 6JD

book & pay/contact>



Dartington from 9 October

Tuesday mornings 9.30-10.45 am

Newcomers can try first class of series £10 with no strings attached

8 weeks £80 - or £70 if paid in advance

Drop In £10 pre-booked and paid in advance (Drop In is reserved for existing students).


Dartington Village Hall, Cott Road, Dartington, Totnes TQ9 6JD

book & pay/contact>


Exeter from 10 October

Wednesday evenings 6.30-7.45 pm

Newcomers can try first class of series £10 with no strings attached

7 weeks £70 - or £60 if paid in advance


Exeter Community Centre, 17 St David's Hill, Exeter EX4 3RG

book & pay/contact>


About Classes and Workshops

You will be guided through gentle movement sequences which are usually carried out lying down. There are many Feldenkrais ATM lessons in both Sitting, and, Standing. For Weekly Classes we mainly use the laying down ATMs - to explore those in upright positions,, please come to our Workshops. So - for working on the floor you must be able to lie comfortably.   Please bring mat and a blanket, & wear plenty of loose warm clothes - especially in cooler weather - generally as you tune in to yourself, if you didn't bring enough clothes and are cold, it is the thing you will be most aware and will interrupt your enjoyment of the class, so include extra socks and even gloves so that you can lie and relax yet be free to move.

Note: If you have chronic pain/injury please book at least one individual session (FI) first. You will enjoy your course far more. If you are unsure please do make contact>.


"Thank you for introducing me to a body work method that makes so much sense!" M.Kaan


Workshops for Autumn 2018

Half and one-day workshops, on different topics focusing around a particular movement theme or body part, are a great way to dive deeper into particular long-standing postural issues, or to help you decide if you might like to join a course or take one-to-ones, or if the weekly format doesn't suit you., In a workshop, some ATM lessons will take place on the floor but not all - the extra time is often usefully spent exploring lessons in both sitting and standing, and other more upright positions. You will not therefore spend many many hours laying on the floor! But - If you have chronic pain/injury please book at least one individual session (FI) first..



Feldenkrais is holistic, and works always with the whole person. Every workshop or class addresses the whole, so ultimately the actual topic of a workshop matters less than it might seem. You are encouraged to come to the ones you can!


Friday 31 August 2.00-5.00 pm

'The Jaw & Pelvis Connection'

A tense jaw increases the tonus of the musculature throughout the entire body.  And, the human jaw, when relaxed completely will leave the mouth hanging open, so obviously some latent muscular effort is  required to keep it politely shut—but how much, exactly?  And the Pelvis can be thought of as our Power Centre.  It has the interesting and complex job of joining the legs to the upper body, kind of like a junction box, housing the lower end of the spine, yet having an identity of its own as well.   It is our engine, so to speak.  Structurally, the skull (ie upper and lower jaw) and pelvis are analogous to eachother.  They are interdependent . Our movements can be thought of as  organised and happen from the head downward, although there is a counter-organization coming from the feet, upward.  That’s a topic beyond the scope of today.  The head includes our jaw, and houses our teleceptors, (eyes, ears, nose, mouth)— and can be thought of  as something like a periscope.  Our chances of surviving life’s challenges and joys are stronger when the head can move freely, orienting our teleceptors to food or to danger.  Our jaw and pelvis are inexorably linked via the spine.  Our centre of gravity when upright and at rest, is located somewhere in the pelvic  or belly region.    We will  be exploring the neurological, physical, and emotional connections and relationships between these structures, which can be of particular benefit to those with jaw, pelvic , hip or sacroiliac pain, as well as to those with  TMJ, neck/ shoulder issues, teeth grinding, or headaches.  Gentle guided movement sequences, usually carried out lying down, working on the floor.  Please bring a mat and a blanket to lie on and wear warm layered, loose clothing.

£35, or £30 earlybird if booked & paid by Friday 24 August, Pay on the day bookings £10 extra


venue The Forge Yoga Centre, Collins Road, Totnes TQ9 5PJ


Friday 14 September 2.00-5.00 pm

'Focus on Feet, Knees & Ankles'

For knees to be happy and healthy the feet and ankles must function properly  - and you don’t need to be a runner or an athlete to benefit either.  Each time a foot is placed on the ground to bear your weight even just in walking, that force transmits upwards.  When the 26 bones of the feet do not articulate optimally with those above, the joints of the legs suffer over time.  And equally, when the hips or knees or ankles are stiff then the feet have to work harder than they should and ditto above.  There is a balance to be found and maintained

between the various soft and hard structures of the legs and feet that specially chosen Awareness Through Movement © can address to great benefit . Give your hard-working legs and feet a treat with this half-day of mindful movement exercises which use the natural capacities of  sensing and feeling  to clarify your connection to your feet and your leg joints and create  more easeful relationships between these parts.  Feet are much more dextrous than we tend to think.  After all, as humans we evolved to be able to move freely across natural and uneven terrain.  Shoes are a modern luxury—but are they all good for us?  Reclaiming your natural mobility will prove significant in improving your balance, stamina and strength and re-finding that dexterity and agility deeply relaxing for your entire nervous system, and a gift for your back and hips.  


£35, or £30 earlybird if booked & paid by Friday 31 August. Pay on the day bookings £10 extra


venue The Forge Yoga Centre, Collins Road, Totnes TQ9 5PJ



Friday 19 & Saturday 20 October 2.00-5.00 each day:

'Exploring Ribs & Chest:

1:'Integrating Breath' and 2:'Easier Turning & Twisting'


Cost  £70, or £60 early bird if booked & paid by Friday 5 October

Can be booked separately—£35 or £30 if earlybird,

Pay on the day bookings £10 extra.



venue The Forge Yoga Centre, Collins Road, Totnes TQ9 5PJ


Friday 16 & Saturday 17 November 2.00-5.00 each day:

'The Mindful Pelvis'

 Our Power Centre – that’s the Pelvis.  It has the interesting and complex job of joining the legs to the upper body, kind of like a junction box, housing the lower end of the spine which in turn supports the entire upper body, and the hip joints, which join on our legs. The Pelvis not only has the job of propulsion but also houses our centre of gravity, when standing and at rest.  The shape of our spine affects the angle of natural angle of tilt of our Pelvis.  This in turn affects how we use our legs and how our feet meet the ground.  It is our engine, so to speak.   Yet it also has another identity as well. It houses our reproductive organs, and part of our digestive organs.  This alone is a huge topic, but in essence, means that the Pelvis is very closely connected to our emotional and sexual sense of self, as well as to how we move.    Chronic pelvic pain and tension are often held in the deeper layers of its ligaments and muscles.  The work we will explore in the latter part of this workshop will be gentle yet it will go deep.  Subtle, and often emotional, we work directly with the nervous system, helping to shift it from the fight-flight of the Sympathetic to the calm and relaxation of the Parasympathetic.  There is in turn great potential in terms of long-term health and vitality.  Through developing self-awareness in movement and exploring habitual postural patterns, using ‘Awareness Through Movement©lessons that utilize our brain’s neuroplastic capacities, we can re-find our optimal skeletal alignment, which is our inner structural support in gravity through to the earth/ground/floor or chair.   

If you would like to regain your natural freedom and elegance in movement, and experience your Pelvis as a source of power in movement - whether sitting, walking, dancing, or some more skilled activity  - and, discover how experiencing the support of your bones helps relax muscular pain and tension, this workshop is for you! 

We may work both in lying and sitting. To attend, you should be able to lie on the floor comfortably, and get up and down unaided. Please wear loose, warm, layered clothing, including socks. Bring a mat and a blanket, plus your drinking water.

Friday will consist general movement lessons of the Pelvis, Lower Back & Hips, suitable for all.

Saturday: continued plus lessons exploring an Elastic Pelvic Floor, best suited to more experienced feldenkrais students, or at least those who attended the Friday afternoon.


Cost  £70, or £60 early bird if booked & paid by Friday 2 November.

Can be booked separately—£35 or £30 if earlybird,

Pay on the day bookings £10 extra.



venue The Forge Yoga Centre, Collins Road, Totnes TQ9 5PJ


If you have persistent pain or injury, one-to-one 'Functional Integration' lessons are recommended, prior to attending workshops or classes. FI will enhance the benefits and accelerate your learning, healing and improvement during a Course, or between Workshops.

more info about Functional Integration>


contact me for Booking>



Bookings Terms



for How to Pay for your Booking please go to Contact> page where you will find the necessary information. If you use the Paypal facility, you agree to add 4% to your payment to cover their fee. This is especially important if you are paying a discounted price. Thank you.

Payment for Classes is now due at time of booking. for Workshops is due at time of booking, and for 1-1 FI's is due either on the day or beforehand.

There is a £2 admin fee on payments made later than this.


Discounts and Concessions

Course participants can have one 1-1 FI with a discount of 20% per course.

On classes, discount is available via taking a course, priced cheaper than drop-in.

On workshops, discount is available via utilising the earlybird discount.

Concessions: one or two concessionary places are usually available, if you can prove low-income or student status. Please ask when booking.



Call or email to book, payment is due when booking - if you are a long-term regular student it may be possible to pay on the day at the lower price, otherwise payments made on the day will cost more.. Please note that to join a course payment is by the half-term block. You are welcome to drop in, but book first.

Missed classes are the student's responsibility and are not refunded and can not be made up after the course.



Please call to book, advance payment is required to secure your place. Places are given in the order in which payments are received.

Cancellations & Transfers Policy - If you cancel up to 7 days before start date of a workshop you will be refunded less a £2 admin fee. Alternatively the booking may be transferred to another workshop by agreement and subject to places being available.

Cancellations made less than 7 days before start date of a workshop will be refunded 50% of fee paid IF more than 24 hours prior to start of workshop, less £2 admin fee.

Last-minute cancellations at 24 hours or less prior to the workshop are not refundable. 



Participants will be required to sign a disclaimer. Feldenkrais is intended as an instruction in the optimal use of the self, and is not a treatment for medical emergencies, nor is it intended as a substitute for normal medical procedure suggested by a medical physician. Therefore nothing in a class, workshop or one-to-one FI session is a medical diagnosis, or a substitute for a medical diagnosis.

Whilst all reasonable care is taken, all activities are undertaken entirely at the participant's risk and no responsibility can be taken by the practitioner or organiser (where different) for any loss or injury of any type, physical or otherwise, suffered by any participant. By taking part each participant accepts responsibility for his or her own belongings, safety and well-being. If in doubt please seek medical advice before participating.

Money Back Guarantee!

If you attend a whole workshop and are not satisfied, the amount paid for your place on the workshop will be refunded in full.


Privacy Policy

All personal information supplied on enquiring or booking with Lifeworks Somatics is held securely and is never shared with any third party without explicit consent. All personal records are held in a secure format.


Class visitors




"You have a lovely and hypnotic voice. It's a pleasure to listen to" Wendy


"ATM Gave me a feeling of deep physical and mental relaxation which stayed with one for days. It was as if my body had been taken apart and put back together, but in the right order. It was a great day." William


"I find the work totally amazing- I feel like my whole central nervous system is being re-wired. Am left a bit shaky and emotional, and feeling totally out of my depth- in that it is an approach that is wholly unfamiliar- but I sense that it is invaluable and the timing, for me, on all levels, is perfect." Gretchen Faust, yoga teacher

"It's amazing how one's body can change lying on a floor making small gentle movements. My body is more relaxed with better posture and has become more interesting; my mind is no longer inclined towards extra effort. At both mental and physical levels Feldenkrais is so very helpful” Stefan Karpik


"Many thanks for a great day yesterday, it really reminded us what we have been missing!" P&P Hughes, aikido teacher


I’d like to thank you for a wonderful day in Ashprington – I found the work really heartening and would really like to do more!! Gill Bates


"Another wonderful workshop! I am so happy for all the new found movement in my body! I look forward to more!" Alicia G.

"when we were on holiday recently my husband injured his back. Thanks to all the sessions and classes I've had with you over the years, I was able to help him, and he was better within three days! a big thank you! it meant we could enjoy the rest of our holiday" Amanda C.


"Excellent - just what the doctor ordered - as I was suffering bad postures specially with the computer!"

"Now after your class I can feel my whole back!! and how it's moving! It feels so good! I have never felt it like that before!"


"I found the experience very relaxing, and I feel it's brought a new and more subtle awareness of my body which is very interesting. I appreciated your gentle manner too." 

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